Επενδύσεις ακινήτων στην Ελλάδα


Foreign investment funds as well as domestic companies of real estate investors invest many billions every year in the Greek real estate market.

Opportunities for improvement in various categories of real estate attract interest in buying and developing domestic market structures. They show increased investment interest and move forward with important moves for the rich portfolio of real estate that our country has both in building real estate and in residential real estate.

Major investors include Dromeus Capital, Brooklane Capital, Hines

They are in the spotlight and show interest in real estate with serious growth prospects for this reason additional investments have been launched.
According to Ms. Niki Sympoura, head of the real estate services company Proprius, which represents in Greece the international group Cushman & amp; Wakefield, “we estimate that of the € 1 billion in investments made in 2019, about 55% relates to office buildings, 25% to hotels, 10% to industrial properties and 5% to shops.
The remaining 5% of the funds was spent on the acquisition of plots for the development of business premises “. As Mrs. In addition, domestic AEEAPs invested about 20% of the above amount, ie almost 200 million euros.
The remaining 800 million euros entered the Greek real estate market from foreign private equity funds, companies that bought buildings for own use, private investors, but also family offices, ie investment management groups private / family funds.

In the last weeks of 2019 the Dromeus Capital of Mr. Ah. Risva and St. Adamopoulos carried out an investment “demarcation”, Dromeus Capital through the various investment “vehicles” gathered significant liquidity which cooperates with “giants” of the industry, such as the American investment group Blackstone where it placed in the domestic real estate market a total of 160 million euros over .

The largest transaction in value was completed shortly before the expiration of 2019,

With the investment group spending 93 million euros for the acquisition of four office buildings.
In fact, the Blackstone group also participated in the specific transaction as an investment (through Dromeus), a sample of the interest of even international investment giants for the Greek market.

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