Ιστορικά κτίρια αθήνα με θέα

The architectural diamonds of Athens

with a rich history in the city center. A beauty that will be engraved for centuries. Unique masterpieces of significant architectural value still impress with unique touches. Buildings that hide myths and facts.

  1. The first could not be other than Zapio one of the most important buildings in Athens which today functions as a conference and exhibition center. Funded by the national benefactor Evangelis Zappas, its construction was completed in 1888.
  2. The oldest and most famous educational institution in Greece in the field of technology is the National Technical University of Athens . It was founded in 1863 and since then its contribution to scientific, technical and economic development is maximum.
  3. A neoclassical and impressive building in Athens which is one of the most historic buildings in the city where the National Historical Museum is housed is the Palace of the Old Parliament.
  4. A work by archaeologist and architect Ernst Ziller which is considered one of the most important of its kind in the world. A mansion housed in Ilios Melathron is the Numismatic Museum of Athens .
  5. The National Theater is the non-profit organization that aims to promote the National Theater through theatrical art, the spiritual cultivation of the people and the preservation of its national cultural identity.
  6. Ioannis Kapodistrias, from whom the National Library of Greece was founded in 1929 has been relocated to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in the Faliriko Delta, while previously it was located in the center of Athens. The neoclassical was designed by the Danish architect Theophilos Hlansen.
  7. Perhaps one of the most important scientific institutions in Greece is a neoclassical building that houses the Academy of Athens is none other than the Palace of the Academy of Athens.
  8. One of the few buildings in Athens where it still retains the private architecture of the first “Bavarian” decade of the 1830s. The neoclassical building was once a residence, mortgage office and today houses our Greek Conservatory .
  9. An imposing building associated with the history of the modern Greek state. It began its history as the residence of King Otto in 1943. It was designed by the Bavarian architect Gerder and installed a century later by decision of the Venizelos government and the Greek Parliament has been operating ever since.
  10. November 17, 1973 a big change in the course of the country. The complex of the Polytechnic was built in three phases, 1826 to the designs of Kavtatzoglou, 1930 by the architect Kitsikis and finally in the 1950s by the architect Kriezis. The historic building is linked to the country’s recent political history.

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