Real estate

Homeland Group is here to fulfill every need fast and reliably.

Having years of experience in the field of real estate, Homeland Group undertakes the management of your property seeking process!

To successfully meet its clients’ every single need, Homeland Group boasts a portfolio of over 1000 properties inside and outside Athens and islands of Greece

Our up-to-date computer system and our company’s trusted partners offer you all the necessary information and solutions in the best possible way.

With respect towards our clients, all information collected during client-office liaisons is strictly confidential as required by law.

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In order to deliver better and more comprehensive client services, thus catering to your every need, our company features the following professionals:

Civil engineer
Insurance consultant
Experienced technical staff

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Staying abreast of the continuous and changing developments in the field of real estate, our company offers you the right solution for the purchase - sale of the property you are interested in.