Completing the construction of a building requires the safe study of a professional civil engineer.

Homeland Group offers civil engineering services for the safe construction of your building as it follows all the necessary steps for its completion.

The elaboration of the study is followed by a series of procedures.

In recent years, however, bureaucratic procedures have been satisfactorily simplified and most are done electronically.

However, for the smooth processing of issues related to technical constructions, the required presence and support of the civil engineer is necessary.

The professional engineer of the Homeland Group who will undertake to complete the project deals with the following:






Construction cost calculation

In addition, some of the professional rights he has as a civil engineer are:

  • Architectural study of building projects
  • Acoustic study of buildings as well as sound insulation
  • Interior design
  • Territorial cohesion study
  • Urban plan and implementation act
  • Topography study
  • Static study (study of the structure of buildings)
  • Study of plumbing and electrical installations
  • Statements of non-arbitrariness
  • Management and valuation of real estate and land
  • Study of geothermal fields
  • Electronic Building Identity

The experienced team and partners of Homeland Group find a solution to your needs by providing you with the best desired result.

The services provided by Homeland Group with its experienced and trusted partners are some of the following:

  • Supervision of technical projects
  • Energy certificates
  • Energy upgrade of buildings
  • Statements about non-arbitrary
  • Operating licenses
  • Plot controls
  • Finding real estate
  • Evaluation study
  • Buying and selling support
  • Arbitrary arrangement