Energy renovations (energy upgrade)

Energy renovations (energy upgrade)

The team of Homeland Group undertakes the elaboration of the energy renovation of your space directly and responsibly, having great experience in the field of constructions, offering you reliable solutions in the best possible quality of the market.

With the proper use of technical and cost-effective technologies, it is absolutely possible to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. A properly insulated space has a higher cooling-heating efficiency. With the energy upgrade we minimize the losses of space.

With the right shielding of a building the energy upgrade minimizes the annual cost and makes the building less energy consuming.

Homeland Group contributes to the modern environmental policy of saving energy and reducing pollutants. Applies techniques that improve the energy efficiency of your space, thus saving energy and money.

Interventions for a sure result energy saving such as

Exterior insulation

Internal insulation

Roof insulation

Solar heating installation

Heating system upgrade

Frame replacement

We study, design and implement each project separately for each of our clients.

In order to efficiently complete the energy upgrade, we follow the following steps with confidence and professionalism.

Study and calculation of energy consumption of the space

Measurement of heat losses

The most appropriate interventions that can be applied

Study and calculation giving the best possible saving result

Costing of actions

Implementation of an energy upgrade project