Return on sales

Homeland Group ensures a successful outcome in the sale of the property.

With reliable associates and professionals, each in their own field, the search for the right property for sale is performed quickly, easily and efficiently.
Respecting your wishes and your needs, we dedicate time to each client individually to find the ideal home for them in every respect. Our clients’ needs are unique therefore the choice of a trustworthy real estate agency is of great importance. Considered one of the most reliable companies in the field of real estate, Homeland Group boasts an up-to-date portfolio with numerous potential clients for property sale. Committed to selecting buyers with the right criteria and with promotion strategies, we ensure the best possible result.
In order for a sale to be successful, knowledge, professionalism and a correct property appraisal are key components of the process. Homeland Group team offers all three, thus attracting the respective client.

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The steps our company takes for a 100% successful property sale:


Accurate property appraisal


Property presentation by experienced associates


Strategic promotion


Property sale

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Tips for a successful sale of your property

Cooperation with the real estate consultant

For Homeland Group, the client is at the core of our business: we believe that every owner
is as unique as his home. We are interested in finding out about your needs and your goals regarding the utilization of your property. We will ask you to mention all the advantages that led to its purchase, as well as the reasons you want to sell it and we will take these details into consideration during the process.
The appraisal and advice we provide you are perfectly in line with the market demand,
the value of your property and above all with your best interest.

The price.

The price is the most important attribute of the property on the market. The real estate agent’s correct appraisal along with your own wishes determine how fast and efficient the process of selling your property will be to a great extent.
Do your own research and find out which properties similar to your own have been sold in the area and at what price. Online real estate advertisements is not an appropriate factor to consider when assessing property value.

Preparing the property.

Taking some time to repair some flaws in your home when you are looking to sell it is highly recommended. It must give viewers a positive feeling, so it is essential that it is in the best possible condition, for both photo shoots as well as during any listing appointments.
Before you start to make suggestions to prospective customers, make sure your home is clean, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Get rid of any clutter and remove some of your personal belongings. It is important that the property is in top condition, as the buyer is trying to envision himself in the different spaces of your home.

Property file.

Homeland Group real estate consultants know all about the process of selling a property and
the supporting paperwork required for its completion. Ask for their help so that they can guide you regarding the documents you will need to collect.

When buyers visit the property.

During the appointments it is best to give your real estate agent the liberty to show the interested clients the space without your presence.
This way, buyers feel free to talk to the real estate agent about the property without feeling that they are being rude about it. That will also give them all the time they need in order to picture themselves in each space. The ideal time for the prospective purchasers to have any questions answered is during the actual appointment and not over the phone, when their impression of the property is not exactly the same.

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