Homeland Group is active in the field of construction, offering complete solutions.

Our company undertakes the entire study as well as the supervision of economic and technical projects for the construction of the house, always according to the needs and wishes of the customer.
With experienced and trained architects, engineers, we offer energy renovation solutions, achieving maximum energy savings, ensuring high quality and aesthetic results.
Modern and modern constructions with new types and building trends in combinations of materials that thus serve the daily needs and create sustainable spaces.

Our office takes over.

● Issuance of building permits (building permit)
● Operating License stores and businesses
● Fits arbitrary
● Construction of residential and business premises
● Renovations with simultaneous energy upgrade of the building
● Issuance of energy certificates
● Electronic Building Identity
● Residential studies with bioclimatic architecture
● Subsidized programs
● Renewable energy sources for complete autonomy
● Zero consumption of oil and electricity for existing homes
● Hybrid house for full energy autonomy
● Floor heating
● Photovoltaic systems for detachment from PPC
● Thermal facades of buildings
● Smart home with full automation

With a specialized team of engineers and years of experience, we provide our customers with complete and reliable services of a high level, covering your needs based on your requirements, undertaking any kind of process for the construction of your home or business, always guided by the timely delivery of a complete project. as well as an even result.
Based on policy as well as innovative ideas, Homeland Group has a steady upward trend in the field of construction with excellent quality and high aesthetic design.
Our services are unique as well as your needs.
Our goal is the combination of bioclimatic design with new modern technologies and construction methods.
The constructions are always applied within the framework of the current regulations and technical instructions.