Purchase and sale guide

It is time to purchase a property. However, there are some important factors you need to evaluate first.

Before you start visiting real estate, it is recommended you calculate how much money you can afford to spend and if you are going to need funding.

Contact Homeland Group to speak with the real estate agent who manages property in the areas you are interested in. Talk to him about the purpose of your purchase, your needs, your priorities and the most important features you are looking for in a property.

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It is important for the real estate consultant to know the purpose of your purchase:


If your goal is to make a purchase for exploitation, you should consider how long it will take for your investment to pay off, in which area it will take place, whether it provides access to the metro and other means of public transport.

First House

Your family and professional needs determine the choice of area. You should calculate your daily distances depending on the area, public transport, schools for children, etc.

Professional space

In this case, you should choose an area depending on the type of services you offer. If, for example, you need to have access to the airport you should focus on the vicinity around the Attica highway (Attiki Odos) or on an area close to the airport or the city center. Therefore, the metro and the publicity point are key factors; alternatively, if your services address a local market you ought to look for a publicity point in the area where you operate.

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Once you have decided on the property that is right for you, you will have to submit your offer to the real estate agent and he in turn to the seller.

After the offer there are further steps you will need to follow:

  • Lawyers investigation into ownership titles at Land Registry Office for burdens on the property.
  • Inspection of the property by the civil engineer for any unapproved structures that need to be settled
  • A preliminary agreement setting out all the terms of the purchase agreement as well as the amount of the advance payment
  • The remaining costs borne by the buyers are the property transfer tax to the Tax Department (unless you are entitled to a first home tax exemption), the notarial expenses and those of the transfer to the Land Registry Office (the transfer to the Land Registry Office concludes the process of the sale of the property)

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How to prepare for a sales contract

The components of the property file as well as its preparation process vary depending on the type of property. It is therefore recommended to consult the notary dealing with the transfer.

1. Tax clearance certificate

Tax clearance certificates are usually issued by the notary.

2. Social security clearance certificate

However, it should be clarified by the seller if he is or was one of the following in Greece: a) Natural person subject to insurance contributions or legal entity of any form, civil law society, civil profit or non-profit company, holding or invisible company, consortium as well as natural or legal persons associated herewith through a relationship of co-responsibility or assumption of debts as well as those responsible for them by law b) Natural or legal person, member of a civil company, general partnership company, general member of a limited liability company, Ltd. manager, private company manager, managing director, chairman, legal representative, liquidator, director who exercises or has exercised management in a SA, director, manager, managing director, president or member of a cooperative or association of cooperatives, director, administrator and generally authorized to run a public, municipal and community enterprise and of a profit nature, of any foreign legal entity business and foreign organization established in Greece or a non-profit  national or foreign person of public or private law established in Greece and in all kinds of institutions. c) Subject of insurance contributions payments for construction projects, the permits of which were issued within the last twenty years since the drafting of the present notarial deed. In each case, the corresponding social security clearance certificate must be issued electronically, otherwise it be issued by the notary.

3. Property acquisition title

4. Legal act of establishment of horizontal ownership

The legal act of establishment of horizontal ownership is not necessary when the property is a one-dwelling building.

5. Building electronic identity (e-ID)

6. Cadastral sheet and diagram extract from the Land Registry Office

7. Article 83 certificate

Certificate of article 83 par. 2 of Law 4495/2017 from the information system of

Law 4495/2017 by a civil or architect engineer on the existence or non-existence of unapproved structures.

8. Energy performance certificate

In duplicate by an energy inspector

9. Certified copy of the building permit no….. of the City Planning Service

(as well as the property blueprints)

10. Electronic ENFIA (Single Property Tax) certificates

Electronic ENFIA certificates for the last five years with the justification “real estate transfer against pecuniary consideration”

11. Issuance of TAP (Real Estate Duty)

Issued by the municipality the property pertains to

12. Photocopy of the seller’s identity card, address and declared profession, taxpayer identification number, public finance department

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