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Property Management - In the Focus the Man.

Homeland Group is an integrated Real Estate organisation based in Attica. Its two main focal points are the Real Estate Brokerage and Construction sectors. More specifically, Homeland Group provides a wide range of services including Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Legal and Notarial Work, Accounting and Insurance Broking as well as all other related services required to cover every aspect of the sale or purchase of a property.

Our Golden Visa services provide foreign private or legal entity investors in real estate in our country with the right environment for an efficient process with assistance in the issuance of a license and residency permit.

With firm steps and strategic partnerships since 2012, its constantly growing portfolio comprises investment properties in Central Greece, the Cyclades, the Peloponnese, the Ionian Sea and throughout Greece.

Cooperation with experienced technical staff that undertake assessments, construction / renovation, insurance policies as well as any legal services, guarantees the best possible result.

The answer to why provide all such property-related services is: “Its Purpose”.

The cooperation with an experienced technical staff that undertakes assessments, constructions / renovations, insurances as well as any legal service, guarantees the best result.

The answer to why to provide all the services related to the property, is: “its purpose”.

So the purpose of the Homeland Group is to innovate.

And innovation does not ask "why?", But "why not?"

The Strategic Partner to your property.

Sound knowledge of the field, experience, speed and confidence in decision making are major requirements. That is why you need a trusted partner who meets your expectations. You need Homeland Group.

A company which can offer you a range of services that address your every need for the purchase or leasing of a home or corporate space. Additionally, you will need support if you wish to make a property sale or renovation or start the full construction of a home, holiday house or corporate space.

Homeland Group is not just a real estate agency; it is a comprehensive real estate organisation with activities ranging from home selling or buying services, home and corporate space leasing services to construction and renovation. It is exactly because leasing a property, buying or building a house involves an array of skilled experts that we have created a team of professionals, each specializing in their own field.

Those associates who undertake the projects assigned to them have years of experience in the field of brokerage and construction and cover every aspect of buying, selling, leasing and managing real estate. At Homeland Group, specialized professionals, brokers, civil engineers, lawyers, notaries, accountants and insurance consultants will carry out any task related to your property reliably, always acting in your best interest.

Homeland Group Services

Construction of Corporate Space (business buildings)

Construction of executive offices

Construction of hotel facilities

Construction of tourist accommodation establishments

Construction of holiday homes

Construction of urban residences

With a team of experienced and reliable partners, Homeland Group provides services covering the needs of prospective clients with more than one property option.

We take pride in having satisfied clients as our commitment, and use of high quality materials in our projects is our main priority for an excellent result.

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