Νέοι μέθοδοι οικοδόμησης


  1. Mixed construction
  2. Heavy construction
  3. Conventional construction
  4. Metallic construction

Mixed construction

Mixed construction a modern way of building where it is based on metal elements in order to maximize the utilization of properties for the benefit of construction. The composite construction provides flexibility in terms of architecture as well as seismicity. The construction consists of a metal frame, beam, concrete slab etc.

Advantages of mixed construction:

• Earthquake Shield
• Freedom in architectural design
• High-rise buildings
• As height extension
• Lower cost
• Durability over time
• Energy saving

Conventional construction

Conventional construction is a way of building because it is the most tried and tested way of construction in Greece, it is quite a common way of construction with more safety for the owner as it is familiar and familiar. The construction consists of concrete, slab, beam, bricks, plaster etc.
In conventional construction we will not see many advantages
Apart from the classic, widespread and therefore familiar way of building, we would say that the

Disadvantages in conventional construction:

• Maximum completion time
• More expensive way of building
• High cost of repairing damage
• Higher participation in IKA

Heavy construction

Heavy construction can be used and is ideal for any type of construction according to the needs and design of the building.

The advantages in heavy construction are exceptional:

• Earthquake protection
• Heavy prefabrication
• Stamina
• Thermal insulation
• Waterproof
• Modern technology
• Fire resistance
• Economic
• Security
• Durability

Metallic construction

Metal construction is an economical and durable solution for many, it is a method with great strength and enough


• Earthquake resistance
• Lightweight construction
• Green building
• Economic
• Dry construction
• Thermal insulation
• Easy installation and installation
• Expansion of facilities

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